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Meet the face of Akasha Awakened, Kayla Koivisto! I am from small town Saskatchewan, Canada. From a very early age I have been filled with curiosity on what everyone is really doing here. The deeper I dug into making sense of the world, the deeper I got into realizing how nothing made any sense at all. The years of looking into life’s mysteries have led me to the ultimate database - The Akashic Records. Now my passion lies in helping each of us discover our own personal truth as they are laid out so beautifully in each of our Records.


My goal is to help everyone, including myself, cut through the clutter of everyday life, and tap into our infinite, and beautiful potential in the most practical and accessible way possible. It is time we all reclaim our power and bring the beauty back to life.

I have been asked to share a little of my own Akashic Record in order to give you a sense of what credentials I have to be working in your Record. I am certified, however, through my own experience and research I have created a more authentic way for me to work with you.


In the Akashic Records I am able to receive downloads of information and visuals of your relevant past lives in order to share them with you. One of my gifts, according to my Akashic Record is being able to break down complex concepts that involve ‘Universal Wisdom.’ I also am guided by the Archangel Metatron, who is the scribe of the Akashic Records. If we look into Astrology I am ruled by the planet of Saturn, who is Father Time (past lives, potential futures), and yep, you guessed it – Saturn is also the ruler of Karma, which I would describe as my passion and niche in the Akashic Records.

If you have done your research on the Akashic Records, you will see there are many different practitioners and ways to read the Akashic Records. After all, they are the records of everything! So I recommend you look for a practitioner that resonates to you. I also recommend that you find out what each practitioner focuses on in the Akashic Records to ensure you are getting the reading you are looking for. I specialize in providing information on your manifesting blueprint, Soul gifts, starseed origins as well as karma clearing and past lives.

More of my personal story can be found in the "Articles" section. 

Looking forward to working with you!

Prince Albert, SK, Canada S6V 4R4

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