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Realign your life. Manifest your dreams.

Enter the Records

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The Akashic Records

Through the Akashic Records, I am able to receive divine messages from your guides, higher self, and spirit that help you see the beauty in your soul & your Life.

I help people clear their karma so they can fully access their unique manifesting blueprint and begin living a life they love.

Accessing the Records to Awaken:

1 Hour | $150



Sessions to Reconnect to SOUL

These are SOUL based readings are that are designed to TRANSFORM and REALIGN you to a heart and soul led life.



Body Healing

Here we can use the Akashic Records to understand and release body ailments.



Programs to Expand your MIND

These are the latest courses, and programs offered to expand our minds and dive deeper into the finest of details.


Connect with others and Akasha Awakened for Monthly Content

Join the email list or subscribe to Kayla's Akasha Awakened Group for Monthly updates, group zoom meetings and other bonus material.

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I had an amazing experience! A lot of information that made a lot of sense regarding my life and information that left me awestruck!! Definitely would recommend getting “awakened”— a truly eye opening experience!

- K.



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