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The Chaos of the Season

We have been rolling through cycles of chaos as a collective. It really is the turn of the tides. It is because we are currently, on a global scale being affected by the Scorpio/Taurus axis. We have been under this influence since January 22nd of 2022 and will be sitting with these energies until approximately July 23, 2023. I felt the need to do a blog post on the matter because it feels like a very chaotic way to kick off 2022. I have spent a lot of time in the Akashic Records trying to figure out what it all means and how to optimize this influence.

You may have guessed, that we are in the hold of stable working bull, who stubbornly tills the fields looking for the finer things in life. You know, the material comforts that abundance can bring. This energy is met with it's opposing, and more intense counterpart of the deeper, less stable, Scorpio energy. Here to burn things down to be reborn in the ashes. Setting itself free of the restraints of the material world to welcome the depths of the Soul. Think the phoenix shedding it's old confining skin to become free and expansive.

So yes, we are all being asked to shed some layers at this time of deep transition. To unveil our Soul selves and live a Soul-led life. Finding abundance from the heart not the fields. Because yes - we still want those finer things in life. Just form a more authentic perspective and source. In order to do this, we must let the chaos shake down any and all energies that are holding us back. The masks, the inauthenticity, the expectations, the avatar we project into the word that simply keeps us stuck.

I have been seeing in the Akashic Records two interesting polarities that can manifest through this axis. Think of it as a spectrum of outcomes that can take place at this time. We can choose the beautiful rebirth, and set ourselves free. Balancing the two energies of Taurus and Scorpio very beautifully. We will be asked to choose to rise above, take initiative for our dreams, do the inner work and let the masks go. This is how we will maximize the influence, but it is all still a choice we need to make, and it is not always an easy one.

The other end of the spectrum seems to be a stunted energy, that instead of RISING like the phoenix, the energy gets stuck in our "humanness." We end up creating a never ending loop of repeating lessons. When I see the stuck energy it appears as a fire in our Sacral Chakra. A destructive fire - that would have us avoiding our true lessons, and we end up seeking some of those "finer things" in life in a negative way. Following lust, frivolous spending, financial issues and an eventual burn out. Taking the Taurus objective out in a blaze of Scorpio destructive chaos.

To bridge and use the energies of the Scorpio/Taurus influences in your highest order we must take our Soul with us in this human adventure. Living from the heart, choosing what we desire from our soul perspective. Making space for play, following what lights us up, getting into our creativity, getting into our bodies, feeling each moment and honoring it. For some of us this is an entire 180 turn around. It might feel chaotic to change and evolve. This is the Soul lens paired with stability of the bull that asks you to trudge through the lessons and evolution to get to the desired outcome - the finer things in life! It is using our stubborn humanness to fight for the Soul-Self.

I hear many of us are tired and uncertain. Such is the way of the bull and the scorpion. We must keep moving anyway. It will be more than worth it. This influence will be with us until approximately July 23rd of 2023. It gets easier with time, if you set yourself up for this evolution now.

If you feel as though you need more assistance of information on this time my Podcasting pal Randi at Authentic Truth within are running a 3 hour program on May 22nd, 2022. Check out the details below.

P.S. the date we chose is filled with even more magic! It is a day operating under the 33 vibration (not to mention all those lovely repeating 2's). 33 is the Master number of the Intuitive Healer. You can rest assured that there will be tons of magic and activations happening this day!


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1 Comment

May 18, 2022

Angel Kayla

Spot on we must all be in love with the truth about ourselves as ever I am in love with the truth and the truth is myself collectively!!💜💙❤💛🧡💚✌🌈🎶🌊💫🌎👍😁

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