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Learn to read the Akashic Records

8 Week group & self study program to empower you in your own personal healing, and read for others.

Ready to empower your spiritual gifts?

Have you been curious about the Akashic Records and how to access them yourself? Have you been wanting to dive deeper into your own Soul? Or understand your immediate family members more intimately? Or are you ready to enhance your spiritual practice and read for others? If so, you are in the right place!

This course is designed to give you a practical, and methodical approach to reading and accessing the Akashic Records.

This course will be covering and array of topics including; The Soul Blueprint, and how it works, blocks and karmic limitations. You will also discover how to read past lives, and learn all about our cosmic heritage and STARSEEDS. Last but not least, we will also dive into how to clear and reset the Akashic Record for propound transformation and healing.

If you are not familiar with the Akashic Records, they are an energetic database that holds the stories of our Soul. We can learn so much about ourselves here. The Akashic Records are also a very powerful place to heal and align our embodiment to our highest and greatest selves.

If you feel like the hamster on the proverbial wheel, that cannot seem to move forward – knowing your Akashic Record is a VERY direct and helpful place to break free of endless cycles of stagnation.


Are you ready?

This program is for you if...

  • You want to transform your own life

  • Receive attunement to the Akashic Field

  • Enhance your intuition

  • Deepen your spiritual practice

  • Read records for your friends and family

  • Begin, or deepen a spiritual business

  • Read, and assist in transformation of clients

  • Align and embody your Highest Self

  • Read past lives

  • Learn your own, or client karma

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Why I do this work

From a very early age I had been filled curiosity of what everyone is really doing here. The deeper I dug into making sense of the world, the deeper I ended up realizing nothing made any sense at all. The years of looking into life’s mysteries has led me to the ultimate database - The Akashic Records. Where the true blueprints for life and abundance lie.


Now my passion is found in helping each of us discover our own personal truth as they are laid out so beautifully in each of our Records.


My goal is to help everyone, including myself, cut through the clutter of everyday life, and tap into our infinite, and beautiful potential in the most practical and accessible way possible. It is time we reclaim our power all bring the beauty back to life!

What better way than to empower more people to use the Akashic Records in their daily lives?

The more of us back in alignment to the Original Blueprint of life - the better!


And the Journey Begins..

The investment in you includes...

Course Content & Structure:

Week 1: Introduction to the Akashic Records. The design of the Records, best practices and protocol.

Week 2: Accessing an Akashic Record. How to properly locate and gain access to your Akashic Record or that of another.

Week 3: Soul Blueprint: The soul design, gifts, archetypes and how Universal Laws of Karma plays a role.

Week 4: Starseeds. Learn our cosmic heritage, and the varying starseed locations and their gifts to Earth at this time.

Week 5: Karmic Blocks & Limitations. Learn the blocks in the Akashic Records and how to locate, identify and describe.

Week 6: Past Lives. How to read and discover past lives using a practical method. Humanity’s collective karma.

Week 7: Clearing the Record. Learn the healing and clearing processes of the Akashic Records.

Week 8: Presentation and Ethics. Principles of healing and universal law that will assist in your presentation and follow through of the work in the Akashic Records

Bonus Video: How to Read Spirit Guides

You receive and Akashic Records attunement, PDF of the course content.

Live calls will be every THURSDAY at 7pm for approximately an hour and a half. We will go over any questions from the week before, content, and foundations for any of the self-study weeks.

RUNS: June 1, 2023 - July 27, 2023

(Monday class content is released - Thursday's are live calls (except June 15th - call will be moved to the 16th)


No time limit to complete the course

Calls conducted via Zoom

Replay of live call will be available

Support call will continue 1x/month moving forward (post 8 week container)

Access to Support Center

You will receive a written PDF of the course content

Self-study AND live calls

No experience or intuitive abilities necessary

*If you have NOT had your Akashic Record ready by me, I will also be accessing your record to ensure you have no access blocks to the records* 

Are you ready to Level-Up?

8 Weeks

Live Calls 



PDF Textbook

*Limited Spots Available* 


Pay in Full
Payment Plan
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