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Programs & Courses

Accessing the Records to Discover:

Learn the Akashic Records

This 8 week program takes us into the depths of how to read the Akashic Records for yourself and others!

We will cover: The Soul Blueprint, Past Lives and Clearing Karma. 


Payment Plan Available


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CREATRIX: Healing your Abundance Story

This 6 week program takes us into the depths of manifestation with hands on practices and guaranteed "aha moments" and results that appear quickly if you really start to align into the practices.

This program will give you CONTROL and UNDERSTANDING of how manifestation REALLY works. So you can reclaim your life and move into financial freedom and live the life you actually want. I am telling you this works.


Payment Plan Available

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May 2 - June 6 , 2024



Walk on the wild side

6 week course guided by a God, or Goddess who will lead you into the wild to discover your WHOLE self.


Who is calling you into the wild to rediscover your WHOLE self?​

Walk on the Wild Side is all about diving into the depths of our subconscious to discover the parts of us we repress. Usually these parts are exactly what needs to be integrated into our daily lives in order to find our power and passion!

These goddesses are here to show us what has been left out in the wild, rejected within us. They are not asking us to tame a damn thing… but bring it all home so we can be whole again.

Who is calling your name out into the wild?


Feb 7th - March 20th 2024


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