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AWakened Fam

This  is all about connection to like minds - you are never going through this alone.

  • Monthly energy update/invitations. Much like the Chapter Ahead sessions but for this group as a collective. This is an energetical update form the Akashic Records on how to make the most of the upcoming month and have a more smooth experience. This is not a prediction! It simply is some guidance and healing provided each month. Great for self care, spiritual connection and intentional living!

  • A monthly guided meditation. These will be short and sweet and will likely be in conjunction with the above update/invitation. This will assist in shifting/releasing whatever is being invited for us as a collective. This will also come with some journal prompts to dive deeper.

  • Monthly Group Calls. For all the sharing & connecting. It can be a solo journey as a soulful person!

  • Of course, the beloved group chat on Whatsapp to stay in touch in between our live calls!

  • Yearly Chapter Ahead sessions are free to all paid members! (offered in Dec-Feb).

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