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It is time to bring the beauty back to life.

Ignite your Soul

Live Readings


Soul Return
Live via Zoom

$275 | 2 Hours

Live calls via Zoom have resumed with a new session Soul Return. This is a very deep, intuitively led call to lead you home to yourself. Here we go into your Akashic Record to find insights, blocks, energy drains and messages to help you understand where you are at and how to close the gap between where you want to be.


Most of us simply want to live a life led from the heart, to feel alive, and to allow our Soul to guide us (not society, expectations and roadblocks). This session is designed to inspire and leave no stone unturned. You will leave this session with a very clear and obvious path, and plan of action to move forward. No two sessions will be the same! When you book, if you have specific areas of interest, please note on the intake form!

Areas include, but are not limited to: Soul Gifts, Star Origins, Soul Contracts, Karma, Soul Purpose, Situational Readings, Energy Drains, etc.

Kayla will open your Akashic Records to provide any an all guidance that is coming through for you to help you get back into your Highest Alignment. When we live life from a Soul perspective, and are aligned, we experience more ease in manifesting, feel more joy, moments of magic and attract things that are in our Greatest and Highest Good. You know, the recipe for the Good Life.

Be prepared to spend some time simply connecting with Kayla so she can best assist with your current blocks and restrictions. Come ready to connect!

*Session duration is flexible, within reason.

Karmic Path

Soul Gifts | Karmic Path |  Potential|  Healing 
$111| 1 Hour

In this session we take a look at your Cosmic Codes (aka  birth chart) AND open your Akashic Record to see what kinds of karma you came into this life to unravel. When we are aware of what we came here to overcome (I believe) it speeds up the process of our healing so we can get on with the transcendance, manifestation and deep empowerment. 

  • See your themes

  • Soul Gifts

  • Karmic Path

  • Points to Harmonize

  • Healing

  • Your Potential (it's grand)

  • Ancestral Inheritance

  • Solutions

  • Bring any questions!

This session is more accurate if you have your birth time, or approximate birth time, but it is not necessary.


I do NOT use astrology jargon, so no experience or knowledge on astrology necessary. Think of this chart like your incarnation blueprint. I speak completely and paint it with all the details.

Session is now sent as a recording.

Woman reading a astrology book. Astrological wheel projection, choose a zodiac sign. Trust

 Direct Readings

The sessions below are sent directly to your email address as a recording.


Karmic themes | current & past life blocks| Karmic Path to healing & Highest Timeline
$165 | 1 hour

In this session you will look into your existing karma and things that may currently blocking you from living in total alignment. We will also be able to clear any unnecessary blocks and restrictions you’ve brought forward, as well as highlight current karmic themes moving forward into our best outcome possible for life.This session will touch on a series of past lives, that are still influencing you now, where you may have created a series of unnecessary contracts, restrictions and agreements that no longer serve you. We can clear and release these contracts that are often very specific and accurate. Since this is a karmic re-set, there is often a massive shift that will appear in your life you will see and feel. The shift will depend on the blocks you have, but common experiences include: increased finances, things come easier, less pain, self-doubt, stress, attract more connections, love and success, etc


Akashic & Karmic Messages

Messages from the akash |      Relevant to you now |
Ask your own questions

$140 | 1 hour

A fan favorite! Your Spirit Guides are easy to connect with in the Akashic Records. Here I am able to meet them, see your past lives on a bigger scale and highlight current themes, and work to be done to continue your evolution on this planet! You are also able to ask specific questions (if you have any) and relay their messages back to you. This is great for people who have specific areas of concern they are seeking divine guidance on. You are able to submit 5 specific questions, or just allow the team to speak freely. Please note they are completely open to interpretation. Spirit knows you completely. Often good questions may be: How do I get to “x” goal? What are my lessons in this life? What are my next steps? Why did this happen? Try to be as specific as possible. Instead of leaving questions open-ended, asking “What is better for me to focus on at this time, healing, law, or running a marathon?” will elicit a much more specific response. Spirit Guides have this amazing way of saying exactly what you need to hear even if your questions are a little hard to pinpoint – so don’t stress!


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