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Soul Return
Live via Zoom

$295 | 2 Hours

Live calls via Zoom have resumed with a new session Soul Return. This is a very deep, intuitively led call to lead you home to yourself. Here we go into your Akashic Record to find insights, blocks, energy drains and messages to help you understand where you are at and how to close the gap between where you want to be.


Most of us simply want to live a life led from the heart, to feel alive, and to allow our Soul to guide us (not society, expectations and roadblocks). This session is designed to inspire and leave no stone unturned. You will leave this session with a very clear and obvious path, and plan of action to move forward. No two sessions will be the same! When you book, if you have specific areas of interest, please note on the intake form!

Areas include, but are not limited to: Soul Gifts, Star Origins, Soul Contracts, Karma, Soul Purpose, Situational Readings, Energy Drains, etc.

Kayla will open your Akashic Records to provide any an all guidance that is coming through for you to help you get back into your Highest Alignment. When we live life from a Soul perspective, and are aligned, we experience more ease in manifesting, feel more joy, moments of magic and attract things that are in our Greatest and Highest Good. You know, the recipe for the Good Life.

Be prepared to spend some time simply connecting with Kayla so she can best assist with your current blocks and restrictions. Come ready to connect!

*Session duration is flexible, within reason.