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What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an etheric database that is a part of our Universe. They hold records of all subjects in the Universe including each one of our Souls. The Akashic Records are very ancient knowledge that everyone is permitted to visit and learn from. However, long ago this knowledge was lost. When you access your Soul record you can learn about all your past, present and potential future outcomes and timelines. You have access to past lives, your Soul Blueprint (aka gifts), Karma, greatest losses, biggest wins and everything in between. It is an exceptionally detailed database that can be most compared to the 'Internet.' All information is stored in one location, outside of the boundaries of time and space.  This database is not physical because it is located, and interwoven into the 5th Dimension. Since we live in the very physical 3rd Dimension our understanding of the not-so-physical planes are hard to conceptualize. However, with things like  iCloud and Google Drive you see how it can be possible. The Akashic Records also contain our karmic contracts and cycles. When we tap into these karmic details we can start to make sense of all we have experienced in our lives so far and what we may experience that is yet to come. 

Why The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the most gentle way to release and clear karmic patterns and provide a deep understanding of what cycles and circumstances you are in. Depending on the blocks found in your record, you may experience better sleep, more energy, an influx of abundant karma such as more time, happiness, deeper connections with others, romance, increase in finances, and freedom. We can go into old stories, release the pain and literally "collapse" the ways in which that old story still effects you in the present. In this way we release the past and step into our most authentic, bright selves. Please note that the Akashic Records hold the next steps to success but it is always up to you to follow through. Results are not guaranteed as you are the true healer of  yourself. The records can only act as a catalyst in your healing and is a reset of your karmic patterns. The next steps are very specific, and often do lead to significant improvements by those who follow through. It starts like a drop in the ocean with the smallest new actions, and in a few months your life can be transformed if you are willing to put your "Soul-Blueprint" into action.

What Is A Soul Blueprint?

When we are sparked into existence as a Soul, we are unique and have purpose, gifts and talents. This design is considered our "Blueprint." When we activate this Blueprint, life begins to work in our favor - we cannot fail at being ourselves. The Akashic Sessions I provide include a step by step definition of how this Blueprint is activated so that you may begin to manifest abundance and success in all areas. Our Blueprint is unique to each of us, and if we can find a way to implement it daily we trigger the Universe to start working in alignment with us, because we too are now aligned. 

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