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Meet the Queen of Karma

Kayla Koivisto | Professional Akashic records Reader


I'm Kayla!

Starseeds, welcome

I was born and raised in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. I have always loved the stars and all the things that I couldn’t explain. Always been curious and filled with wonder. As a child I loved books of all kinds and I remember thinking the characters had such fun and amazing lives. Just as many children do, I had big dreams on making something of myself in this life just like the characters in my books.

I moved away for University completely on my own, and 8 hours away from my hometown. I still to this day, loved the feeling of being in a completely new space where no one knows you. So much freedom to reinvent yourself or take the time to blossom into yourself without the clutter of the past. I spent 3 years in Brandon, MB and then finished my final year of studies in Colorado Springs, CO.

To this day, being in Colorado were the two best years of my life. I finished my degree, explored, made a bunch of beautiful lifelong friends. After my degree I had been hired as an intern at the Colorado Springs Fire Department. I learned a lot but my visa eventually expired and I then had to head home to Saskatchewan.

I worked in my dream field. I got exactly what I wanted, but it somehow didn’t feel like enough. I worked doing Disaster Relief in northern communities. I was able to travel, be a part of evacuations, education and everything in between. After that fizzled out I worked with Newcomer and Refugee families helping to welcome and integrate them into life in Canada. It was so rewarding, but like any non-profit there are a lot of limits and yellow tape that inhibits the ability to truly help others. Not to mention the humanitarian burn out that turned into a serious depression.

I was burnt out and depressed. I couldn’t get out of bed, I was always late for work, I had zero energy. I was 28 years old, accomplished all my goals and had very little to show for it. I was in such a low place I couldn’t see the way out. 

In the background, I was still into all things unknown. I still spent a lot of time was looking into life’s greatest mysteries. Egypt, Aliens, UFOs, Atlantis, hidden history, hidden agendas, you name it. If it was a conspiracy, I would have looked into it. I minored in Sociology and was blown away by the inequality in the world and wanted to know what was REALLY going on out there. I was never fully convinced of anything in particular, my logical mind always prevailed and I was basically on constant research mode, but never fully convinced.

I decided to look into hypnosis after researching the work of Dolores Cannon, a prominent researcher in the field of hypnosis. I wanted to see what mysteries my Higher Self might have known about, and if I could be pointed in the right direction. I travelled back into a past life, that was an historical event I had previously known nothing about. I was then later able to confirm the event through research and what I experienced was eerily accurate. I couldn’t have known! Suddenly all the things I was skeptical on seemed all more than possible.

It now felt impossible for me to pretend that I was content with a job that was so non-mysterious, mundane and exhausting. So finally, my lifelong curiosity and constant search for knowledge of the unknown has led me to something unexpected and beautiful. I now pursue a full-time career reading and clearing karma in the  Akashic Records - The ultimate database of knowledge. As someone myself who had struggled to finding meaning to life, and find any sort of excitement in this journey, I thrive on helping others turn their light back on. Through the Akashic Records I have been able to redirect myself to align my life to the path of best possible outcome. I have truly rejected the notion that you have to fit into any sort of box to succeed. My passion now lies in helping others do the same. I really believe it is time we all recall the excitement and beauty back to life!


More About Me

Prince Albert SK, Canada

A good latte

The Lorax by Dr. 

All the Thai food!

Anywhere in the mountains

Folk & Alternative

Pirate Radio & The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Feeling Aligned?

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