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Are you ready to understand your wild side and integrate that power fully?

Who is calling you into the wild to rediscover your WHOLE self?

Is it Athena, beckoning you into your inner warrior? To take the lead in your life and stand up and fight for what is right for you?

Is it Aphrodite asking you to let your inner sensual, lover out? To tap into real love and beauty as it exists all around you?

Or is it Persephone, asking you to learn to not only create, but embrace destruction and death?

Walk on the Wild Side is all about diving into the depths of our subconscious to discover the parts of us we repress. Usually these parts are exactly what needs to be integrated into our daily lives in order to find our power and passion!

These goddesses are here to show us what has been left out in the wild, rejected within us. They are not asking us to tame a damn thing… but bring it all home so we can be whole again.

Who is calling your name out into the wild?

Find more info in this video HERE

This program is for you if...

  • Want to know what is missing,

  • And how to integrate it.

  • Looking for concrete definitions and direction.

  • Action plan to healing, no more guessing.

  • Support from a mentor and peers.

  • Clarity on how these wild energies emerge to hinder us,

  •  And how we can use them to harness our power instead.

  • Real life examples.

  • Daily support for when stuck.

  • Guided Akashic journeys to see the story for yourself.

  • Build your own healing intuition.

Our six week journey includes...

Week one: Welcome to the Wild

Intro to the Akashic Records. Life as the challenge to be who we truly are and the manifestation powers of alignment through cause and effect. Introduction into the wild and how we heal it. 

Goddess Guidance: Meet your Goddess

Week two: The Wild Within

Soul blueprints (who you truly are) and how we can realign to this state. The Guides will explain their presence, teachings and how she can help you with your wild side. This will help us all and give us a frame of reference.

Goddess Guidance: See the story that began to separate you from your whole self.

Week three: The Limits

Understanding the limitations and misalignment of leaving parts of yourself out in the wild.

Goddess Guidance: Meet your sabotage and continue to uncover your wild side. 

Week four: Your Contract to the Wild

Discover the Soul Contract with the Your Wild Side. The soul plan, and karmic agreements of the shadow story you are living. Find the meaning.

Goddess Guidance: Discover the contracts.


Week five: Awaken Your Potential

With our new perspective and insights, we will begin to see what we are really capable of. Allowing our true identities to emerge. 

Goddess Guidance: Release the Contract 

Week six: Integrate the Wild

We will talk about how the records will be shifting timelines and trajectories so we can officially and in ritual fashion, literally close a cycle.

Goddess Guidance: This week everyone will share the teachings they received from  their Goddess with the group. We each have something to learn from these deities. The Goddess Guidance meditation will be done at your own pace when you complete the program and entailes integration.


This program will held as a group on this website. If you miss the live sessions, the replays will be available on my website in a course like form. I will also be available for Q&A with the group between the dates of the live events.

Goddess Guidance: Is an group meditation into the dream state via the Akashic Records to connect directly to your Goddess. You will receive an Akashic Records attunement to make this more powerful for you. 


This course includes:

  • Course content/education

  • Guided Akashic journeys

  • Journal prompts

  • Tools to go deeper

  • Reflection subjects

  • Group connection

  • Personalized readings

  • Paired with a God or Goddess to guide you

  • One 1 hour session, live with Kayla

  • Q&A

  • Contact throughout the container with Kayla for additional support

  • Final project & group sharing

  • Self paced AND connected to peers


Class runs:

Sunday's CONTENT & TEACHING are uploaded for you to watch

Wednesday, 7pm CST/SK live via zoom Q&A and GODDESS GUIDANCE MEDITATIONS

Runs 6 weeks starting:

February 7th, 2024

March 20th, 2024

  • Feb 7th, 2024 - 7pm CST (brief welcome and introduce yourselves - course content begins Sunday, Feb 11th)

  • Feb 15, 2024 - 7pm CST (this is a THURSDAY - in order to free up Valentine's Day for those who celebrate)

  • Feb 21, 2024 - 7pm CST

  • Feb 28, 2024 - 7pm CST

  • March 6, 2024 - 7pm CST

  • March 13, 2024 - 7pm CST

  • March 20, 2024 - 7pm CST (just in time for SPRING renewal and the Astrological New Year).

No experience with the Akashic Records, meditation or Shadow work is necessary.

Investment $555

READY TO Meet your Wild?

PROGRAM STARTING February 7, 2024

Pay in Full
Payment Plan
What are others saying?

Walk on the Wild Side

"Life changing.
I have never felt so seen, heard and It has unlocked something inside of me. A new Depth. I feel more present and whole than ever before. I have maintained this insight and change for over 6 months post course"

Walk on the Wild Side

"I was able to uncover a lot of emotional blocks that actually had simple roots that I didn’t have to go digging around really hard for."
"I feel strong, secure, and confident in myself after the course. I feel complete, and assured that I have simple and fun tools to help myself whenever I need."

Walk on the Wild Side

“I was able to attain the knowledge I needed in a really simple and loving way in order to untangle the blocks and limitations I’ve been creating for myself. The experience left me with such a pure sense of calm, an acceptance of myself and all parts of me, and a resulting union of all parts of me.”

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