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The Spring Equinox marks the rebirth, and astrological new year. It brings fire and urges things forward. We are also smack dab in the middle of an eclipse portal! This brings forth major, fated events and closes certain doors while opening others.

Things are shifting. Initiating. Moving you into your more aligned, future self.

Let’s check in with your Akashic Record & Cosmic Codes (astrology) to see if what’s shifting within you. Looking at your future self, who already has what you desire, and asking them to pay forward some advice to you in the now.

Session includes:

*Calling forth your future self. Relaying their information to you at this time.

* Looking up where the eclipses are going to be shifting you. Likely this will give you some clarity on what’s coming up, and how to manage it.

* A message for what imprint/belief or issue that’s currently casing any limitations.

* Suggested actions to move forward and into alignment

Session is 50 mins - 1 hour.

Not live. Sent directly to your inbox.

Birth time will be helpful for astrology portion, but not necessary.

Spring Equinox Offering

Excluding GST/HST
  • Sessions are NOT LIVE. You can expect your session to arrive via email within 14 business days. 

    Refunds can be requested so long as the session has not been started on my end. Usually within 24 hours of my sending time. 

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