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In this session we take a look at your Akashic Record and Cosmic Codes (intuitive astro chart) to see what kinds of karma you came into this life to unravel. When we are aware of what we came here to overcome (I believe) it speeds up the process of our healing so we can get on with the transcendence, manifestation and deep empowerment. 

See your themes
Soul Gifts
Karmic Path/Life Plan
Points to Harmonize
Your Potential (it's grand)
Ancestral Inheritance

This session is more accurate if you have your birth time, or approximate birth time, but it is not necessary .


I do NOT use astrology jargon, so no experience or knowledge on astrology necessary. Think of this chart like your incarnation blueprint. I speak completely and paint it with all the details!


Karmic Path (Previously Karmic Astrology)

Excluding GST/HST
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