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The Akashic Records are an etheric database of the soul. Here we can see your Soul's full journey throught the cycles of reincarnation and evolution. This session takes us back to past lives/worlds to release any negative imprints and beliefs that are currently holding us back in our current experiences. We can illumiate the story, they why, and close that chapter for your Soul. The Akashic Records are a gentle, yet powerful place to heal.

This session is designed as follows:

  •  Checkin in with your Akashic Record for any blocks or restrictions currently limiting you (these are very specific - we will pinpoint the age, or past life story they originate from).
  • Clear any blocks and restrictions for an energetic reset.
  • Highlight the lesson, and karmic release being asked of you now.
  • Create a personalized intention or mantra for you to continue to integrate your healing.
  • Receive an "action" plan for contuniued alignment and wellbeing.


Session is not live and is one hour in duration. Delivered via email! 



Excluding GST/HST
  • Sessions are NOT LIVE. You can expect your session to arrive via email within 14 business days.

    Refunds can be requested so long as the session has not been started on my end. Usually within 24 hours of my sending time.

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