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Are you ready to unlock your intuitive gifts? 

Have you been feeling stuck with your intuition and self trust? These gifts are already inside you waiting to be heard!

This program is a four week journey into unlocking and developing your intuition in a practical and supported container!

This program will not only provide knowledge, practical tools, exercises but also GROUP work. You will leave this program having read for another person!

This program was designed as a collaborative journey between Kayla at Akasha Awakened and Michelle with A New Path Forward.

Kayla specialized in the Akashic Records and Michelle specializes in Quantum Hypnosis (QHHT). Check her out here.

We both have experience using and developing our own intuition and are ready to spill the tea with anyone else who feels blocked from their Divine Connection with the Universe!

This program is for you if...

  • You are feeling discouraged, or blocked form connecting with your higher self

  • Want tips and tools to connect more deeply to your intuition

  • Want practice reading a variety of subjects – including people!

  • Are ready to lose the confusion of no self-trust

  • Tools to tune out self sabotage

  • Support and guides as you build self trust

  • A group support system with like minded peers

  • Multiple facilitators for a broader view and experience with intuition

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Our four week journey includes...

Week one: Myths and Expectations – Here we go into the ways intuition really works, and debunk any theories that you “cannot to this.” We go INTO YOU to find your specific ways of recognizing intuitive nudges.

Week two: Trusting Self vs External – We live in a world where we are taught NOT to trust ourselves and the need for external validation. Not here. How we can shut down our own self sabotages and lack of trust.

Week three: Let’s Get Down to Business – Here we get into self activations and begin the practice and meditative journey into our intuition and begin to see just how powerful we really are.

Week four: Reading for Yourself ad Others  - Now that we have gained trust in ourselves we are reading for another! More tools, tips, and troubleshooting on how to pick up on other’s energy and truth vs your own.


Course Details:

Course runs August 23, 2022 – Sept 13, 2022

Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm (MST/Saskatchewan time)

Approximately 1.5-2 hours/class depending on questions and discussion

Calls are live on Zoom (replays are available)

Connected to a Facebook group (for group work, homework, practice, ongoing questions, and support from Michelle, Kayla and your peers).

Reflections and personal practice each week!

Only 10 spots available!

READY to tap in?


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