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It is time to see your inner beauty more clearly.

Limited Offering

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The Akashic Records

Through the Akashic Records, I am able to receive divine information about your soul.

I love to show people how extraordinary they really are. We live in a world that wishes you to know anything but your own story, beauty and power. 

Learn your Soul Gifts

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A mini session that is approximately 20-30 minutes on helping you understand your Soul Gifts! It is time so see how beautiful you really are!

This is brand new information, and can be used to make our life a little bit easier! When we live in alignment with our soul – moving through life just gets easier! We cannot fail at being ourselves! This is done by accessing your individual Akashic Record (aka your energy field) and share with you what gifts you have brought into this life!

Once defined, I will provide real life examples of how they can be applied, or aligned to, in order to help each person attract more abundance and ease. Each person defines abundance differently. I am talking about all the things we might want more of; Time, money, love, happiness, connection, freedom – you name it! (sessions are sent as a recording)

I will need your full birth name, city of birth and birthdate to ensure I am accessing the right person's energy. Much like astrology in this way.


I had an amazing experience! A lot of information that made a lot of sense regarding my life and information that left me awestruck!! Definitely would recommend getting “awakened”— a truly eye opening experience!

- K.



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