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If you Want more on the Akashic Records?
Join us for the full 8 weeks!
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Week 1: Introduction to the Akashic Records. The basis of the Akashic Records. What they are, how to use them, how to access them, intentions, best practices and trouble shooting.

Week 2: Accessing the Soul. How to properly locate and gain access to your Akashic Record or that of another. We must ensure that we are accessing the proper soul, and there is no restricting or limiting factors that would hinder or inhibit our ability to accessing accurate data.

Week 3: Soul Blueprints: The soul design, how the blueprint is designed and how to dowse for Soul gifts. Using the Universal Law of Karma to help align soul’s to their design. The link to manifestation and abundance!

Week 4: Starseeds. Learn our cosmic heritage, and the varying starseed locations and their gifts to Earth at this time. How this assists in their journey and rounds out their Blueprint for this life.


Week 5: Soul Blueprint Blocks. Learn the blocks in the Akashic Records and how to locate and identify and explain these blocks. These blocks are the foundations for healing and understanding past life karma.

Week 6: Reading the Past (Present life and Past Lives). How to read and discover what we are carrying from the past. In this life of others. Using a procedure and focusing on humanity’s collective karma we can go even beyond this life blocks.

Week 7: Clearing the Record. Learn the healing and clearing of the record. We now have a broader picture of what we are working with. Not it is time to understand how the clearing works, how to empower yourself and/or clients to continue their healing journey.

Week 8: Presentation and Ethics. Principles of healing and universal law that will assist in your presentation and follow through of the work in the Akashic Records. Here we also go over any troubleshooting before you begin to work fully with others.


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