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Addressing Soul Stirring Questions

Updated: Mar 12

As many of you likely are aware, I have started a new podcast series called, Being Extraordinary.

This is primarily an interview series focusing on those who have decided to lean into possibility, and when doing so began to notice the Universe conspired to support them. Highlighting that MAYBE, we, alongside the Universe are more extraordinary than we have been conditioned to beleive.

This series can be heard on all major listening platforms, my website, and YouTube (links below).

In my work over the summer, I have had several sessions, and folks reach out asking some of those high-level Soul-searching questions;

What's the meaning of life?

What's going on?

What's my purpose?

As I am sure you too have been feeling, things aren't the same as they were. A lot of people have been going through major transitions, life altering events and it all seems to be happening at rapid speed. Some of us are moving through it with ease, others (including myself) have experienced some fear and unease.

I am currently creating a mini- karma podcast series to directly address some of these curiosities on my Being Extraordianry platform. This mini series will be just me, and capturing some of the insights I've collected about this pivotal time period from the Akashic Sessions I've conducted over the years as well as my personal expiriences and study.

If this appeals to you, check it out here ⬇️ My most recent episode addresses the "Meaning of Life" question we often all ponder.

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