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Bring the Heat! The Nodes of Destiny Shift.

Today, as of July 17, 2023 the lunar nodes of destiny have moved into Aries and Libra. We are coming from the collective influence of Taurus and Scorpio and have likely been facing some finalizing stories about money and security. We were asked to build our hearts desires, our follow our obsessions with a solid foundation. Realizing that the only things that makes us feel secure in life is built through our own efforts. Anything that seemed feeble would have been asked to be evaluated and fortified. However, settling for creature comforts at the expense of our soul, also, simply would not do.

When a karmic/astrological cycle is closing, we are asked to “apply the lesson” to see if we have really learned anything from our Cosmic Teachers – Taurus & Scorpio.

Some of the themes that may have recently emerged:

  • Loyalty and dedication to your passions

  • Patience, and building things one step at a time.

  • Where are your finances misaligned or feeble?

  • Lack/Prosperity consciousness

  • Using your sensory system to enjoy the bounties of life.

  • Gratitude.

  • How do you respond in drama/chaos and do you stay true to your goals?

  • Commitment to your path/persistence

We are wrapping these things up, applying the lesson and moving on to North Node Aries South Node Libra nodes of destiny, as a collective - TODAY. This doesn't mean that we will feel anything significant but we might start to notice different themes emerge in our lives.

Aries/Libra Nodes of Destiny

Aries will be the “leading” force with this shift. We are never asked to completely abandon the opposing sign, but harmonize the two. Much like a beautiful waltz. This dance is unique to all of us, but if you have an eye for astrology, looking to the areas that Libra and Aries rule in your chart will help you see the deeper connection for you. In this case, Aries is to be the leader of the dance. Making the power moves. Releasing any overactive tendencies towards Libra at this time.

This is always an interesting node, because Aries is ruled by Mars and Libra, Venus. The ever-elusive battle of masculine and feminine energies. However, with us just leaving the Taurus nodes – Venus can now take a break, allowing Mars to rule us.

When Aries is in town, we are asked to live for SELF and foster our inner identity, stand our ground and become the courageous front-runner. Mars is often akin to war, however, in the zodiac he is a warrior who doesn’t FIGHT others - but fights for his own right and thrival. Come hell or high water, he will not back down. In this coming season neither should you.

Some themes may be;

  • In this node we are asked to “develop our character” one that is based upon our passions and individual spark within.

  • Know your boundaries (work, love, family, etc.) and HOLD THEM. There may be an increase of that fiery mars energy from you, as well as others. Be aware of what you will and will not put up with. People may make odd requests at odds with where you are willing to go.

  • Become courageous, and take (constructive) chances.

  • Holding on to your truth, regardless of what others say/expect. Conviction and confidence.

  • Follow our impulses.

  • Channeling your passion/anger and general fire into rewarding endeavors. Or just generally finding your passion again.

  • Rein in the “giving” and focusing on others. This is about you now.

  • Self-sustainment (I have seen so many people growing gardens and hear the call to forage – this is exactly on par!)

  • Leaving behind what others think, or waiting for support to go for it, and fear of judgment.

  • Independence over codependency.

  • And leaving behind being petty and holding grudges. Let it go. Getting lost in the past and waiting for life to be fair is a day that will never come. Just go for it.

  • Shoot your shot.

There may be a lot of progress for those who hold cardinals signs of: Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer.

When looking back historically at what happens when these nodes are ruling forces over the collective, you begin to see a lot of passion emerging. People taking strong stands (Aries), but usually for what is right (Libra). Yes, you guessed it - the "Make Love, Not War" era in the late 1960's was under this same node - and I for one am excited about it!

- Kayla



If you are interested in more on this shift for you and how you can make the most of it, or your karmic path in general to greatness as seen through Astrology, check out this new summer session below.

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