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Deeper Healing: The body as a reflection of the Spirit within

As always, if you don't like to read, here is the link to the video:

My goals with the "body healing" isn't only to work with people suffering from deep ailments, but to dig a little deeper and reset and delete some of the darker programs that we are holding in.

Trust me, it is going to make you feel better mentally, spiritually and emotionally - but also the body is a reflection of the spirit within. As we heal ourselves from the inside, it begins to reflect outwardly.

I would love to tell you a detailed step by step overview of how these sessions look but they have been vastly different for everyone. This makes sense since our bodies are unique, our experiences are unique and we are unique. However, at the end it would seem that no stone is left unturned. We start off with you letting me know what areas you are wanting to address. I will then prepare your session based off of that. I use the connection in the Akashic Records to meet with your Higher Self, or Soul Self and then that all knowing part of you fills in all the blanks. Something as straight forward as a back injury will likely be linked to several other, underlying issues and programs that we will want to delete.

These programs take up valuable space inside of us if we continue to keep ignoring them. They begin to take hold in our organs and disrupt the flow of vital energy needed to heal. The body does heal itself now get our of your own way!

I have so far seen explanations and results for anxiety, depression, sports injuries, ringing in ears, digestive disturbances, allergies, skin conditions, uterus and menstrual issues, low weight, overweight, heart disease, mental and cognitive delays just to name a few.

As I continue to work with people I am collecting their experiences with the program. Everyone, including myself has been a little freaked out at the accuracy. Then there is the detox... no one has had much fun with but it is essential our body flushes those programs some how. After the detox the healing really starts to kick up to high gear. So be prepared to invest some effort into your healing. However, the guess work is left out because your higher self will provide a prioritized Care Plan for you to take along with you.

This is such a versatile program and I cannot recommend enough if you are experiencing some imbalances in your body, emotions or mental processes that you check it out. The results have been astonishing!

If you want to set up a consult to see if the session might be right for you please do not hesitate to reach out! We can certainly discuss further!

Kayla at or send me a line through any social media platform or my website.

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