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Filling the Gaps of Healing: Intro to new body based systems.

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Since I began my journey in the a Akashic Records about a year and a half ago, I’ve seen tremendous progress in the people that I’ve worked with, including myself. What I’ve noticed on my journey is that even though my energy has been realigned, and my path has cleared it’s karmic blockages, I realize that some of my body systems still were struggling. Lagging behind of you will. It has been a gap I was determined to reset as well. Most of my body ailments are quite mild, but it was putting the damper on my feelings of success. It got me thinking that if my minor ailments were bothering me what it must be like for those who have much greater body issues like dis-ease and disorder? It would very much feel like standing at the bottom of Mount Everest looking way up. How could one focus on energy resets and manifesting karma when health was such a priority? It would limit the ability to bring beauty back into our lives, regardless of how much soul-searching and soul healing we do...

I began the research! I have spent the last six or so months discovering and learning if there’s such a way to jumpstart the body healing within the Akashic Records. Fortunately, I have had the pathway and resources open up all around me. As if it were meant to be. I have had time to develop and practice a methodology that will allow for an all-around reset and the ability to truly bring the beauty back into our lives! Which, if you know my brand well enough is my overall goal and theme.

Two years ago I was someone completely different, sleepwalking.. I’ve always been drawn to metaphysics, spirituality and diving into the deep meaning of life, but could never feel it or prove it to be true. I was officially caught in the work, sleep, eat, repeat cycle and there was no light at the end of my tunnel. At times, all of it seemed pointless.. until I found the Records and reconnected my journey. I have been able to clear my karmic path and see that light and meaning again. It all happened in practical and tangible ways I never thought would be possible. My life‘s greatest objective now is to help turn the light back on in other peoples lives and allow them to see that there is something beautiful, and worth it out there. I think I’ve done pretty well at it over the last 1.5 years!

But as any practitioner over time, the gaps begin to appear. I’ve seen the gap of the body lag. Which would be a fairly significant block if we feel our body is a prison. Even if our soul has been realigned. I believe that if we kept on our path our body would follow suit and line up with our spirit - but how long does that take? It can be fairly discouraging if it’s going to take many years to realign the body to the health that we would feel comfortable with... So now I am offering two new sessions to help mend this gap. The purpose of each session is to ask the body what is the true problem is? What ways are needed to heal? What are we are storing and carrying that doesn’t belong to us? Let’s name it and release it. So we can finally move into fullest versions of ourselves. Mind, BODY and spirit.

Since my beginning of my studies and practice we have noticed some very interesting and impressive results! First of all your body will 100% experience definite detox symptoms (excessive bathroom habits, skin breakouts, bloating to flush, headaches, etc.) After a week of that it’s been folks losing weight at an accelerated rate, skins disorders clearing up, less overall pain, better digestion’s and absorption, clear mind, decreased anxiety, depression and being better able to stick to have new habits and even some more impressive improvements form more serious issues that I am still studying. I’d like to see the long term improvements before I start announcing those types of successes!

Now the goal is we get our spirits and energy in order AND we get our body to work in conjunction to be an accurate representation of the soul within. That it’s not like climbing Mount Everest any longer, but clearing your Akashic Record will bring you halfway up the mountain and now all you have to do finish it. The work to the top is all laid out in a step-by-step process that we can follow. In hopes to cut the journey in half.

I will now remind you that yes - healing ourselves is a journey. There is work involved. We are the only ones who can heal ourselves, and it does not come at the snap of a finger. Perhaps you’ve spent your whole life creating the body that you live in now, you can’t expect to sit with someone for one hour and have it all turn around instantly. In these new sessions you will be required to do a little homework. There will be remedies and processes you must follow to get to where you need. It will be different for everyone. Some may have an easier route, some may have more intense processes and follow up. But to see those physical improvements, like the the ones I’ve seen so far... it’s a journey well worth traveling.

As I go through and continue to share results (I will be sharing my own, but I did my work last so stay tuned) I hope to have a much clearer and deep picture of how this all looks! I have started with with what I would consider a fair price for how intense and specific this information can be. The price also shows the commitment to your journey. We have to be energetically invested for energy work to take shape. It’s the law of even and equal exchanges (AKA Karma) So I hope you’ll stay tuned for more results and updates as this new chapter of my journey takes hold!

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions!

  • Kayla

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