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My Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Mar 12

My Awakening.. I have had a few people recently ask about what that looked like for me. If you would rather hear it than read it -

I did what I thought I was supposed to do with life. Went to university, traveled, got a job with salaried pay, benefits, the work was helpful to more people than just myself. Ideally, I should have been happy. I should have been grateful.. but I wasn’t. I slept all the time, was grouchy all day when I was up, I was BROKE and miserable. Sometimes you don’t know how bad it is until you aren’t there anymore. My awakening happened in the midst of all these intense feelings, and it all started with dreams. My dreams never meant anything to me in the past. I couldn’t remember them, they made no sense and if they did and I knew it was just me working through the days events. Until I began to have these incredibly vivid dreams that I remembered clearly for days to come.

The most prominent one was of a giant black bird perched on a tree in a desolate land I had never seen before. The bird never spoke, but I knew he was disappointed in me. There was a stoic sense of urgency behind his presence and I knew it was a wake up call. To get going. Be more. Wake up. So after telling my dreams to a series of knowledge keepers they told me it was a Thunderbird and they are profound messengers. Some believe it means that you are meant to be healer – which I would have never considered myself to be at the time. I wanted more answers…

I began to seek more knowledge on these kinds of subjects. I have always been curious so I had a solid background in random lost knowledge but I wasn’t one to believe anything at face value. Just a curious knowledge collector who was never sure what to do with all that information. So I went to the most valid source I could find and her name is Dolores Cannon (see helpful links below). Dolores was a hypnotherapist that spoke with the subconscious of her clients and began to notice a lot of similarities among the messages these people had. Seemed curious since these people did not know one another. So I decided I would try hypnosis.

When in hypnosis I was able to explain to myself what was going on. See a multitude of different experiences and knowledge I couldn’t possibly have known. I was able to then later verify some of what I saw online, and in the Akashic Records again later on. That it was it . All I needed. I could now say I believed something else was going on and I began to wake up! I wanted to do what my hypnotherapist had done for me. Give people a space to validate their Truths and remember there is more to life (her website is below and she does online sessions – check her out!) I had pursed a few different paths including hypnosis that just didn’t seem to work out. Until one day I found a free webinar on the Akashic Records. It all aligned perfectly to where my interests lied and this is where the awakening gets messy… Once you learn the boundaries of what life is it is very hard to go back to routine and play pretend.

I took the Akashic Records course, started practicing on the side for an extremely discounted rate. Then, I finally read my own record. The records are extremely specific on what you need to do to succeed in life. So I realized quickly I was doing it all wrong and started to stand up for myself, have clear boundaries, say no, put myself first and started speaking out on my energetic/spiritual discoveries Well… If you start doing that after never having done so, people around you begin to say the “you’ve changed” A LOT. I started to be who the whole office was gossiping about, I was in and out of my managers office, HR was involved, people were getting written up and it was a mess. The growing pains trickled out to my family and close friends. My new self-authority and reluctancy to apologize for anything that felt true for me got me in trouble with them too, understandably. I didn’t like the drama but I had never had a better sense of purpose! I had never had more energy, freedom or money. Why couldn’t they see it? The discomfort grew, and then I knew that was the message to leave my place of work.

I moved into part time session in the Akashic Records and went back to the job that put me through university. I was making pennies compared to what I was at my salaried job. When I left, I knew people thought I was insane. I knew people secretly hoped I would fail so they could say they told me so. It was an experience I had never had before. I was usually well liked, but clearly not respected. It took me 5 months of refocusing my energy into my passions for it to pay off to full time work. I earn at least what I did at my salaried job, have been able to travel, work from home and renovate some of my home within a 6 month span. This was previously impossible for me.

You do not have to believe in the Akashic Records, hypnosis, or dreams. My main point here is do your own research, question everything, think outside the box. I would hope we can at least all agree that everything around us is energy. Plain and simple. I have shifted the energetic spaces around me to work for me, not against me and the response has been profound. Take care of yourself and the world will take care of you back.

Curious? Here are the links to my mentors:

Hypnosis (she is amazing) -

Akashic Record Readings –

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