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When I was Sleepless: The inadequate rest block

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Again, if you would rather watch it than read it here is the YouTube link -

In the Akashic Records there are many different blocks and restrictions. Some we are born with. Some we pick up along the way. The most debilitating blocks are when we cannot achieve restful sleep. I will spare you the details here but I cannot express loudly enough life will SUCK if you cannot achieve rest. I would know. I was born with a sleep block in my Akashic Record. I pulled it from a traumatic past life into this lifetime. So of course, I didn’t know what “restful” sleep felt like. I have never experienced it!

This can look slightly different from person to person but for me I could crash out HARD at night, sleep for 7, 8, 12 hours and STILL be tired. Not to mention the 4 cups of coffee I would crush in order to then get a little pep. Try and talk to me before coffee? I would be moody and short. So moral of this story is no matter how long I did or didn’t sleep I would always be tired and depleted. For me, I don’t have children so I could, and did sleep in to ungodly hours on the weekend. It was taking away from my ability to enjoy anything. I would sleep until 11:30am. Drag myself out of bed by 12:00pm. Get ready in the slowest matter possible since I was so sluggish. Make coffee. I love fresh ground, French Press Coffee – so it is a process. So let us average that I was ready and functional at 1:00pm. On average. Sometimes even later. I had missed the prime hours of the day to get anything done.

I live in Canada. One of the coldest places too. So summer here is about 4 months. I like to golf, hike, go to the lake, patio drinks, you name it. It was taking me until the afternoon to come to life and I would miss out on so much that I loved. However, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find the energy. I have the utmost respect for the people who live with these blocks but run and mange a family. I do not know how you do it!

Now.. what is worse than being tired all the time? Being tired all the time and completely lacking any zest for life when you finally try to do something. This is the nature of the sleep impairment I experienced. Another symptom is life falling flat. Feeling “meh” all the time. You just get through life. You are not able to enjoy anything to the fullest. You do not feel that magic. You do not feel your gifts or intuition. It comes with the territory. A symptom if you will. I may sound dramatic here, because when I was living it I didn’t know any better so I would not have been so intense about it. I would have told you I liked things and had passion. Sometimes you don’t know how bad it is until you aren’t there anymore (this seems like my overall theme). My point really is that I despised and rolled my eyes at anyone who was enjoying life to the fullest. Where the smallest things ignited joy in them. Primarily because I COULN'T FEEL IT. If this resonates with you please know it can get better… WAY better… and it is easier than you think.

Now fast forward to the day I read my Akashic Record. I had the sleep block. I cleared the sleep block. For the next three nights I slept incredibly. It was immediately noticeable. After the first three my sleep just returned to feeling normal… but I had changed. I suddenly, for the first time in my memory woken up EARLY. On my own free will? Who was I? I found I didn’t need coffee anymore. I still drink it but for the comfort not the pep. I don’t miss gatherings, golf, hikes or making the most of my days off anymore. What is even more profound I am one of those people who now enjoys life to the fullest. You know.. those ones who I would have secretly hated or rolled my eyes at in the past? It is me now. I am terribly sorry if my pep is eye-roll worthy… I empathize with you if that is how you feel. I have been there and I am incredibly sorry to know you feel that way. It sucks. I tell people all the time the most profound work that happened in my Akashic Record was the reset of sleep.

Again, I cannot stress enough my intention is not to convince you of anything. My intention is to be what I needed a long time ago. I know there are people out there just like me. Who needed someone to affirm things could be better. There was more to life. I am also someone who needs tangible proof. I know that my experience isn’t tangible to you, but it is tangible and I have lived it. Now I KNOW. If any of this resonates and you are looking to bring some zest and beauty back into your life, you know how to find me!

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