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  • Hello spirited connected lovely ladies,

I am from Polaris a true North Star being my spirit guides are from Polaris as

well. Here to help humanity's rise to fifth dimension. I am from Coos Bay Oregon

Been here since 1989, love it live across street from Pacific Ocean it is about 97

Miles from border of California on coast. I want to open my own healing camp

I call it that for now might change it when it comes true. I am here to get all karma

remove from past lives and attachments that I need to release. With the help of

you all. Great group so far feels like family hoping we are learn more about are gifts.

Stay in touch how ever we can heal ourselves hugs love our all as ever be good to

yor your true self!! Namaste

Mommatort 💚🧡❤💙💜😁👍✌💫




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